Urgently required PPE for doctors and clinics

Medical supplies for protecting front-line workers against infection with Coronavirus are currently in great demand, but remain difficult to obtain all across the globe. We have, however, been able to organise a delivery via our Chinese subsidiary in Shanghai, and have either donated or offered most of it at cost price to clinics or doctors.


A total of 34,000 masks in various models and 1,000 protective suits were provided to the Klinikum Bielefeld clinic and University Hospital Würzburg. The company made no profit providing this personal protective equipment. We also donated a further 400 breathing masks to the Klinikum Bielefeld. We are also supporting the Initiative Bielefelder Hausärzte, an association of local GPs in Bielefeld, with a donation of 3,000 masks and 250 protective suits. Thanks to the huge dedication of our Chinese colleagues, we have been able to make a great contribution to protecting our health workers. We are also providing our own co-workers with personal protective equipment so that they can continue to produce compressors, some of which are vital to the medical sector at the moment.


Press release