Training and study

Want to sample different technical and commercial professions while you’re still at school? Interested in an apprenticeship? We have a range of opportunities for school students. Details of currently available positions can be found in our job portal.

Training and study at BOGE

BOGE offers a range of technical and commercial career opportunities and creates the ideal conditions for a successful first venture into the world of work. Our training supervisors offer individual coaching and targeted guidance in preparing for exams.

Dual (work-study) programmes

Want to combine practice and theory? A dual study programme is the ideal choice for you: It links on-the-job experience at BOGE with a degree course at a university of applied sciences or an administration and business academy.

By choosing a dual study programme, you benefit from targeted preparation for the tasks and projects that await you at BOGE. You’ll also have the advantage of earning your own money for the entire duration of your study.


  • Individual coaching
  • Cooperation with reputable partners
  • Opportunities for international assignments
  • Interdisciplinary project work
  • Modern work environment
  • Skilled training supervisors
  • Exam preparation
  • Mentor system


Apprentice FAQs

Where in Germany can I complete a BOGE apprenticeship?

BOGE offers apprenticeships at our main production facility in Bielefeld (Jöllenbeck) and in Großenhain (Sachsen).

At which institutions does the vocational teaching take place?

BOGE Bielefeld:

  • All technical apprenticeship roles: Carl Severing Berufskolleg
  • IT Officer (m/w): b.i.b. International College Paderborn
  • Industrial Administrator (m/w): Rudolf-Rempel Berufskolleg
  • Business Adminstration (m/w): Rudolf Rempel Berufskolleg; Verwaltungs-  und Wirtschaftsakademie OWL in Bielefeld
  • Practice-integrated study: Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences at Gütersloh or the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences at Lemgo


BOGE Großenhain:

  • Berufliches Schulzentrum für Technik und Wirtschaft ( in Riesa

Can I reduce the duration of my apprenticeship?

It is usually possible to reduce the duration of your apprenticeship. However, this depends on your performance. A reduction in duration must be recommended by the company and the relevant vocational institution and approved by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

What happens at the end of the apprenticeship?

Shortly before the end of your apprenticeship, we will sit down with you to discuss potential future opportunities at BOGE.

By when do I have to submit my application for an apprenticeship?

The application process starts in the year before the apprenticeship is due to begin.  Ideally, you should apply after receiving your academic progress report in the summer.

What documents should I include with my application?

To award you a training place, we require a complete set of application documents. This includes:

  • Personalised cover letter
  • CV in tabular form
  • Copies of your last two academic progress reports
  • Evidence of previous work experience placements, etc.


We will contact you after receiving and reviewing your documents. You don’t need to take any further action!

Where can I send my application documents?

You are advised to use our online application system