Piston Compressor SB...– up to 3 kW

Industrial design for 100% duty cycle

      BOGE piston compressors work according to a proven principle that is characterised by reliability, efficiency and robustness. Designed for long-term performance, BOGE piston compressors ensure maximum operating reliability.
      Quality pays off: Since only top quality components are used in the manufacture of BOGE piston compressors you will benefit from a long service life and low maintenance costs – advantages you will enjoy indefinitely.
      BOGE piston compressors can be used intermittently as base or peak load compressors, thus optimising compressed air supply with maximum efficiency.
      The modular design concept allows you to individually choose the type of compressor and the size of the receiver you require to meet your operating requirements.

    BOGE piston compressors work on a proven principle which ensures that they are reliable, efficient and robust. Its performance is spot on and ensures maximum operational safety, even in the most challenging environments.


    Oil lubricated piston compressor with compressed air receiver


    • with receiver
    • designed for 100% duty cycle
  • BOGE Max. Pressure Effective Delivery Volume*
    50 Hz
    Motor Power Dimensions
    W × D × H
    Type bar psig m3/min cfm kW hp mm kg
    SB 270- 10 150 0.185 6.5 1.5 2 1540 x 480 x 1030 160
    SB 370- 10 150 0.260 9.0 2.2 3 1540 x 480 x 1030 160
    SB 475- 10 150 0.340 12.0 3 4 1640 x 570 x 1160 210

    * Effective free air delivery as per ISO 1217:2009 Appendix C, measured at 80% maximum pressure.

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