Screw Compressor bluekat SF up to 45 kW

Oil-free compressed air with a Class 0 rating: safe and inexpensive

      The BOGE bluekat models have an integrated converter that reliably oxidises the oil in the compressed air to carbon dioxide and water. The produced compressed air is oil-free to ISO 85731-1 Class 0 and this is tested and certified by TÜV SÜD.
      The converter principle stands for absolutely safe oil-free compressed air. The converter has an overload protective device and cannot be overloaded.
      State-of-the-art BOGE IE3 motors ensure that all BOGE bluekat models are powered efficiently. Among the machines available is a variable-speed model, which flexibly adjusts the speed of the drive motor and compressor stage to match demands.
      With the BOGE bluekat principle you save in multiple ways: You no longer need any expensive filter technology. There is no more costly condensate disposal.

    The BOGE bluekat Series produces Class 0 quality oil-free compressed air, while eliminating expensive condensate disposal. The principle is absolutely safe and unbeatably priced. The ideal solution for oil-free compressed air, especially for sensitive industrial applications.


    bluekat screw compressor


    • heat recovery can be integrated
    • oil-free compressed air
    • compact design
    • extremely quiet
    • focus control 2.0
    • maximum efficiency
    • frequency control
  • BOGE Max. Pressure Effective Delivery Volume
    50 Hz
    Motor Power Dimensions
    W × D × H
    Type bar psig m3/min cfm m3/min(max) cfm(max) kW hp mm kg
    SF 60-3 bluekat 8 115 1.580 55.8 7.300 257.8 45 60 2258 x 960 x 1955 1535
    SF 60-3 bluekat 10 150 1.430 50.5 6.530 230.6 45 60 2258 x 960 x 1955 1535
    SF 60-3 bluekat 13 190 1.190 42.0 5.330 188.2 45 60 2258 x 960 x 1955 1535
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