Why dairy cows like BOGE’s scroll compressors

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    Herwig Taute Refrigeration and air-conditioning technology


    Configuration of automatic milking systems with super-silent, absolutely oil-free scroll compressors from BOGE


With milking, nothing is more important than hygiene …

The challenge
The barn environment makes complex demands on a compressed air system – not only because it involves milk, a food product. Oil-free compressed air is clearly a must, but what about the refrigeration dryers that remove the moisture from compressed air? The copper they contain is at risk from the ammonia in the air within the barn. And ultimately there is also a serious space problem when installing the container.

The BOGE solution
Taute uses one oil-free BOGE scroll compressor of type EO 4 (eccentric oil-free, 4 kW) for each of up to three milking robots, for the many compressed-air assisted production processes in milking. To prevent damage and breakdowns caused by corrosion, the refrigeration dryer module is simply placed in a separate area. And to solve the space problem, a considerably shortened base container was exclusively produced.

The result
A customised compressed air station that produces completely oil-free compressed air safely and efficiently, and which serves as a model for all other milking robots at Taute.


    Herwig Taute has been supplying modern solutions for economical milking processes for almost 40 years. Compressed air plays an important part in this: from cleaning of the teats before the milking process and their drying using compressed air, to the automatic transportation of the milk through a closed pipe system and automatic cleaning of the milking system.

    Cows like it quiet
    Milking robots have long been the common standard, because the animals independently control the systems every five to six hours in order to be milked. This removes a great deal of the work for dairy farmers and the productivity of the animals is also increased. A major advantage of scroll compressors also comes into its own here: their extremely quiet, particularly low-vibration running, which makes them ideal for use very close to the production site. However, the main criterion that prompted Herwig Taute to use only BOGE type EO 4 scroll compressors some years ago was that they are absolutely oil-free, and this is essential in food production. BOGE was also able to ensure a customised solution with an extra-short base container.

    The modular concept enables flexible solutions
    Where there are cows there is ammonia present in the air of the barn, and this corrodes copper. The refrigeration dryers are therefore particularly at risk. They remove the moisture from the compressed air and are usually permanently built into the compressors. Their copper metal parts corrode, and the damage becomes increasingly severe the longer they are exposed to the effects of ammonia. The consequence is the breakdown of the milking system. This worst-case scenario is countered very effectively by BOGE compressed air systems, for their modular design enables the refrigeration dryer to be removed from the barn environment and stored in a separate room.


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