How OberSelters brings together oil-lubricated and oil-free efficiently

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    OberSelters Mineralbrunnen Vertriebs GmbH, established 1871


    Implementation of a dual network compressed air system with higher-level visualisation


Control separately, visualise jointly

The challenge
100% oil-free air is essential for production at  OberSelters, however, it is not required for all operations. It was therefore necessary to visualise two parallel networks – oil-lubricated and oil-free – via one control. Filtering measures should thus not play a part in the conception.

The BOGE solution
Two BOGE EO 11 D scroll compressors, which produce 100% oil-free compressed air – without any costly filtration measures. The oil-lubricated section is supplied by three screw compressors (2 x BOGE SLF 30-3 and 1 x S31-3). The airtelligence provis 2.0 controls the oil-lubricated network and uses the data from both systems for visualisation.

The result
100% oil-free air – but only where it is really required. This dual network compressed air system shows how Industry 4.0 works: The highly intelligent control ensures harmonised processes in two different networks and therefore actually helps save costs.


    Why waste expensive oil-free compressed air of class 0 when it not required everywhere in the plant? This initial question was expedient in the design of a dual network system for the traditional company OberSelters, as their overall    aim was more efficient energy management. 70 million bottles are filled per year for the manufacturer of five different types of mineral water, and oil-free compressed air is of course essential – as is process air for filling as well as for sterile air.


    Maximum efficiency was part of the specification
    To optimise efficiency in the entire operation, specific areas in the plant that do not come into contact with the product, can be supplied with oil-lubricated process air. For the full service provider and BOGE partner Druckluft-Schorsch, which deals with open sea compressed air containers, this was a simple task: Two BOGE EO 11 D scroll compressors ensure a food-safe filling process. Just as efficiently, two oil-lubricated BOGE SLF30-3 units and an S31-3, offer sterling service in less sensitive areas. Both systems are controlled separately but all data – from both EO 11 units – go into the airtelligence provis 2.0. They are then visualised, which enables excellent control. It is apparent here, in the age of Industry 4.0, how savings are achieved using networked systems: The modern consumption-orientated interlocking control, airtelligence provis 2.0, which can control up to 16 compressors and up to 24 accessory components, visualises both independent compressed air networks via a 9” TFT colour display with touch function, and thereby harmonises the use of both compressed air networks – oil-free and oil-lubricated – in the name of maximum energy efficiency.


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