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    Rotkäppchen-Mumm Sparkling Wine


    Compressed air for various applications in the filling process


Mumm relies on BOGE compressed air systems

The challenge
Compressed air impulses are used throughout the entire filling process in the winery. The compressed air supply must therefore be both reliable and efficient.

The BOGE solution
Two S 60 oil-injected screw compressors and a frequency controlled compressor from the SF 61 range provide the required compressed air. The energy consumed is also utilised by heat recovery components for heating up water.

The result
The high-quality compressor units help to ensure that 24,000 bottles per hour are filled with sparkling wine. In addition, BOGE’s heat recovery concept makes five-figure savings in external energy costs.

    Project report

    24,000 bottles of sparkling wine are filled every hour at Rotkäppchen-Mumm Sektkellereien GmbH, a traditional company based in Eltville, Germany. And compressed air supplied by BOGE is an indispensable aid.

    Compressed air is used to unpack, clean, fill, close, label and repack the bottles – from Monday to Saturday, in three-shift operation. Two compressors from the S 60 range and a frequency controlled SF 61 compressor are in use around the clock, ensuring a constant supply of compressed air. The compression stages of the two S 60 systems generate a constant pressure while operating with low power consumption. The valve-less oil circuit, with no oil-stop valve and no check valve, ensures maximum operational reliability.


    The integrated frequency controller of the BOGE SF 61 screw compressor provides a flexible flow of compressed air. The volumetric flow is continuously regulated between 25 and 100 percent – thus avoiding costly periods of idle operation. In combination with the directly coupled S 60 compressors, this allows the required pressure for each application to be produced with a high degree of flexibility. This is important, since every extra bar of air pressure produced means an increase in power input of 6 to 8 percent. In this way, Rotkäppchen-Mumm is able to make signifi cant savings in the energy costs for compressed air.

    In order to ensure sustainable energy savings, BOGE equipped the compressors in Eltville with its DUOTHERM heat recovery system, right from the start. This means that the wine producer can utilise the waste heat from the compressors to heat up water used for cleaning purposes to 60 degrees Celsius. Workshop manager Torsten Pfeil summarises this as follows: “By using existing heat energy efficiently we are able to reduce our annual CO2 emissions by 34 tonnes and make five-figure savings in costs for external energy.”


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Project report Mumm

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