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    Fanagoria winery, Russia


    Compressed air for the production and bottling of wines and spirits


BOGE compressors win over the Fanagoria winery in Russia

The challenge
To introduce nitrogen into the wine containers, and to operate the bottling plant, the Russian winery requires a safe, dependable and efficient compressed air supply.

The BOGE solution
Two screw compressors of type SD 15-350 and SD 20-750 supply the required amount of compressed air and provide production security and an optimal energy balance.

The result
Thanks not least to the reliable compressed air supply, Fanagoria produces over 20 million litres of quality wine per year – with this figure set to increase in future!


    The JSC APF “Fanagoria” estate is one of the leading wineries in Russia. On an area of over 2,300 hectares, the company grows and presses the world’s most popular vines, producing more than 20 million litres of wine each year – with this figure set to increase in future. In addition, eight types of brandy are produced at Fanagoria.

    The finest wines at Fanagoria also require the best compressed air – after all, at various stages of the production process at this internationally renowned winery it is essential to have a reliable supply of compressed air. The company has relied on BOGE for many years now.


    BOGE recommended using a combination of two screw compressors with integrated refrigerant dryers: A BOGE compressor of type SD 15-350 supplies compressed air for the purpose of introducing nitrogen gas into the wine containers to protect against oxidation and putrefaction, and to prevent bacteria from entering. Only in this way can the quality of the wines be maintained over a long ageing process. A further BOGE compressor of type SD 20-750 supplies compressed air to the wine and sparkling wine bottling plant.


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