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    Glass recycling: ejecting foreign materials using compressed air bursts


BOGE compressors in glass recycling

The challenge
In Bürck’s sorting plants, more than 1,300 jets use bursts of compressed air to remove foreign items from granulated glass. This is one of the toughest areas in which compressors can be used, since the intake air contains countless tiny particles of glass and quartz.

The BOGE solution
Four identical screw compressors of type SD 90, each with a supply rate of 9 m3/min, supply the valves and jets. A type MCS 8 master controller ensures that only as much compressed air is produced as required. There is a type VLEA 90 screw compressor available as a backup which has been operating reliably since 1991.

The result
A compressed air solution with the highest possible efficiency levels which keeps working reliably even under the toughest conditions.

    Project report

    Recycling glass saves enormous amounts of energy and raw materials. The Bürck Group has been running a glass recycling plant in Achern since 1984, and BOGE compressed air has been a permanent fixture in that plant since 1991.


    The work is challenging: more than 1,300 jets have to be supplied with compressed air in order to eject foreign particles from the granulated glass and sort out parts.


    This is done by means of short, sharp bursts of compressed air, and a total of 10,000 objects are routed to their destinations in this way. The plant works in three-shift operation for six days a week, which demands utmost performance from the compressors. All of this happens in an environment which is anything but easy, since the air around is full of tiny particles of glass and quartz.


    BOGE compressors have been coping with these conditions for more than 20 years. One of the compressors, a type VLEA 90 screw compressor with a Servatron controller and a supply rate of 15.7 m³/min, has actually been operating since 1991 and is now used as a backup. Four modern screw compressors and a master controller take care of the bulk of the work.


    This project is the perfect example of how steadily, reliably and efficiently BOGE compressors operate even under the toughest conditions, and the storyis far from over!


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