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    Compressed air for filling brewery kegs


The beer flows with BOGE

The challenge
Up to 80,000 pints of beer are fi lled into kegs etc. every day at the Black Sheep Brewery. A new compressor had to be found for the new keg filling system.

The BOGE solution
A compact SD 40 screw compressor ensures reliable and efficient provision of the required compressed air.

The result
Thanks to BOGE, the Black Sheep Brewery can fill its kegs using an accelerated process that is absolutely reliable and economical.

    Project report

    When the Black Sheep Brewery invested in a new keg filling system four years ago, the company opted to use the BOGE SD 40 screw compressor for filling the kegs. Today the SD 40 is still compressing air reliably and effi ciently for the Black Sheep Brewery.


    The prize-winning Black Sheep Brewery produces keg and bottled beer in its traditional brewery in Masham, North Yorkshire. Here, compressed air is used in various phases of the brewing process. When the brewery started to plan the expansion of its keg filling system, it was already using two SD 15 screw compressors to operate all of the machinery and valves. Pleased with the effi ciency and reliability of these machines, master brewer Alan Dunn decided that the new keg fi lling system should also be equipped with BOGE compressors.

    BOGE recommended the installation of an SD 40 screw compressor with a built-in refrigerant dryer to provide the compressed air required by the new filling system. The SD range of BOGE compressors provides the user with a compact compressed-air station. An integrated refrigerant dryer ensures that the system takes up the minimum of space and also saves on the installation and assembly costs of fitting a separate dryer. In addition, the compact design makes access for future servicing easy and convenient.


    The BOGE SD 40 was soon installed. The master brewer is pleased with the solution: “We rely on the efficiency of our keg filling plant, which allows us to fill more than 80,000 pints of Black Sheep ale and bitter every day. The BOGE SD 40 has proven to be extremely reliable and effi cient. The amount of compressed air used when fi lling the kegs is precisely controlled in order to prevent frothing. This accelerates the filling process and ensures easy processing of the kegs.”


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Project report Black Sheep

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