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    Alunova Recycling GmbH, Germany


    Compressed air system solution for the recycling process


Alunova Recycling relies on compressed air from BOGE when recycling composite waste

The challenge
Despite the use of a master control system, the several compressors made by various manufacturers could not be optimally coordinated. This resulted in inadequate utilisation of the compressors, with expensive idle periods and a high personnel requirement.

The BOGE solution
Five high-quality BOGE screw compressors ensure trouble-free production of compressed air. The airtelligence provis 2.0 system control unit guarantees optimal utilisation of the compressors and simplified operating procedures. In addition, the integrated DUOTHERM heat recovery system optimises the energy balance.

The result
An efficient, optimally controlled supply of compressed air, plus annual savings in energy costs of around 10,000 EUR!

    Project report

    Alunova Recycling GmbH specialises in the processing of composite materials that contain aluminium. The company needs large quantities of dried compressed air around the clock, primarily for cleaning the resulting exhaust gases during the recycling process. It goes without saying that resource conservation is of particular importance to the recycling company.


    Before the switch to a fully integrated system made by BOGE, the compressed air supply could not adapt properly to the fluctuating demand, which made the process correspondingly energyintensive and costly.


    For this reason, the company decided to exchange the old machines for a complete system, with redundancy. Georg Möller, Director of Alunova Recycling, explains why the company chose BOGE: “Security of supply and energy efficiency are the deciding factors for us. BOGE offers us these at an excellent price-performance ratio.”


    The reason why the BOGE solution is so costeffective is that the airtelligence provis 2.0 master control works together with the frequencycontrolled   SLF 125-3 screw compressors to select the most energy efficient compressor combination to cover the actual demand at all times. This saves electricity and working time, since the constantly required compressed air is always generated as efficiently as possible. Moreover, the integrated BOGE DUOTHERM heat recovery system also considerably improves the energy balance.


    For the recycling company, this means an ecologically and economically profitable solution!


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Project report Alunova

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